Custom Feeding & Product Handling for Solid Dose and Liquid Filling Applications

If one of our standard product feeders is not quite right for your application, Pharmaworks has a long history of developing custom feed equipment and integrating third-party product handling equipment. Some of our past custom feed systems include tray loaders, robotic systems, vibratory conveyors and more.

Innovative Product Handling Solutions

Flexibility and innovation have been at the core of Pharmaworks since its inception. We understand standard industry feeding technology isn't always the right solution for our customer's product and blister packaging applications. Our team of engineers and skilled staff members have been creating custom product handling solutions for well over 20 years. We design feeding and handling solutions around your product and application. Sometimes that means customizing a typical feeding process such as vibratory conveying, gentle product agitation or picking & placing while other applications require a new innovative solution.

Not So Standard Products

Solid dose products come in all shapes, sizes or could be frangible, requiring custom product delivery and handling methods. Pharmaworks has created multiple custom systems across multiple industries to gently control and handle a wide array of solid dose products.

Powders and Liquids

Liquids and powders are becoming more common for blister applications. Pharmaworks has years of experience integrating and designing fillers for our blister machines across medical and dental industries.

Devices and Goods

Handling medical devices and other consumer goods can be tough, typically requiring robotic feed systems. Pharmaworks has successfully designed robotic feed systems and integrated third party solutions with our blister packaging equipment.

Streamlined Integration with Industry Leading Partners

Pharmaworks has long-running partnerships and relationships with other industry-leading product handling companies. Regardless of a Pharmaworks solution or a 3rd party solution, Pharmaworks is the world leader for intermittent blister packaging machines and we hold our custom product handling solutions to the same standard.

Pharmaworks Integration of 3rd Party Robotic Feeder for Medical Kit

A Custom Solution Designed by an Experienced Team

Our project management team has the experience needed to oversee integration with 3rd party suppliers. Our engineering and service teams can support your project from design to production. Let the experts here at Pharmaworks train you on how to operate, maintain and troubleshoot your new one-of-a-kind system.

Pharmaworks Robotic Feed System

Liquid Filling Solutions

A Pharmaworks Liquid Filler is a perfect solution for dispensing a wide variety of liquids. Pharmaworks offers complete filling solutions with accurate product dosing/dispensing, easy cleaning, and simple maintenance. Liquid filling solutions are available across our entire blister machine lineup of our TF1, TF1e, TF1pro, TF2, TF3, and Rebuilt 3rd Party Blister Machines. Additionally, Pharmaworks can integrate any 3rd party filler on blister packaging machines and equipment.

Liquid Applications

Pharmaworks offers liquid filling solutions for blister packaging a wide variety of liquid products.

Diagnostic Reagents
Dental Products & Mouth Wash
Gummies/Jellies & Juices
Animal Health Products

Blister Applications

The Pharmaceutical packaging industry is centered around handling tablets, caplets, capsules and other forms of solid dose products.


More and more manufacturers are packaging powders and liquids in blisters. Pharmaworks already has experience designing custom solutions for liquids.

Blister packaging is perfect for small or kitted medical devices and products such as syringes, applicators and more.

Pharmaworks is the go-to OEM for blister packaging of vape products providing complete turn-key blister packaging solutions.

Whether the product is a medicated “chew” product or a liquid-based applicator, Pharmaworks has proven experience providing the complete blister packaging solution for animal health products.

Blister packaging is perfect for small consumer goods like batteries, vape products and whitening trays.