Animal Health Products

Animal Health Product Packaging

Blister Packaging Tablets, Liquids, and Chewables for the Animal Health Industry

Animal Health packaging requires the same level of GMP and automation as Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical industries. Pharmaworks has executed many blister packaging applications spanning a wide variety of products. Pharmaworks has solutions for “chew” type products, oral solid dose products, and even liquids.

Liquid-Filled Blisters for Pet Spot Treatment
Liquid-Filled Blisters for Pet Spot Treatment

Liquid-Filled Blister Packages

Many liquid products are blister packaged. Liquid filled blister packs often have deep cavities and intricate forming to facilitate liquid dispensing. Our machines come standard with deep draw capabilities and servo indexing technology. Both of which provide precise and repeatable packaging for even the most demanding liquid applications.

Pet Friendly Chewable Products
Pet Friendly Chewable Products in a Blister Pack

Pet Friendly Chewables

Chew type products typically found in the animal health industry are extruded and not standard in shape or uniformity. This unique property requires a very specialized feeding system for efficient blister packaging. We have developed and refined feeding equipment using robotic pick & place technology specifically for this application.

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