VIS15 Vibratory Vision Inspection System

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The compact Vibratory Inspection System, model VIS15, is a 15 lane bulk product inspection system that utilizes Scanware Spectra HR vision technology and proprietary algorithms to inspect products with ultra high resolution, transporting the products via common tooling using vibration at rates up to 360,000 products/hr. The system is able to inspect, accurately count, individually reject & verify, inspect for metal particulates and print labels while running continuously.

  • Compact design (1182mm x 807mm)
  • No change parts (product feed optimizer recommended)
  • Individual product rejection with verification
  • Up to 360,000 products/hour

Standard Features

  • Stainless welded frame
  • Vibratory product transport system
  • Programmable recipe driven hopper release
  • Common vibratory track (quick change for cleaning)
  • Counting/Buffering system – allows single operator to replace receptacle boxes while machine continues to run
  • Individual product reject system with verification
  • Scanware Spectra HR product inspection

Optional Features

  • Blister infeed magazine
  • Metal detection
  • Validation documentation
  • Label printer (for applying to boxes receiving bulk)
  • Product lift systems
  • Title 21 CFR Part 11 package

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