BV4 Bulk Vibratory Conveyor

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Vibratory feeders/conveyors can be used to move bulk materials such as tablets, capsules, granules, or powders from one location to another in a controlled manner through vibration.

The Pharmaworks BV4 is a vibratory conveyor that delivers solid dose type products to the various feeding systems on demand. The BV4 meets cGMP standards with toolless changeover and cleaning features. The system gently vibrates product across a sieve plate to remove dust and debris before delivery to the particular feeding system. Units have the option of being mounted to the feed system mobile cart, directly to the packaging machine, or on a dedicated mobile stand.

  • GMP Design
  • 316 SS hopper with viewing window
  • Quick change sieve plate
  • Compact design for smaller feeder systems
  • Used with TF2, TF3 and any other small to medium format blister machines including UPS4 blister machines

Standard Features

  • Stainless steel hoppers with product viewing windows
  • Quick-change features for switching between products
  • An assortment of sieve plates to match the product being packaged
  • Various mounting options to fit different feeding applications
  • Adjustable level control enables smooth transfer of product from the bulk hopper to feeder

Tooling and Change Parts

  • Toolless changeover
  • Interchangeable sieve plate

Compatible Feeders