Medical Devices

Medical Device Sealer Machines

Packaging Syringes, Suture Kits, and Complex Medical Devices

Medical device packaging often requires deep draw forming, specialized product feeding, and working with materials like Tyvek lidding for sterilization requirements. We excel at handling products, obtaining third party equipment, and completing line integrations, all of which effectively make Pharmaworks a turn-key solution provider.

Pharmaworks Application Medical Devices On Body Injector
On-Body Injector Blister

Medical Device Kit Blister Packaging

Pharmaworks has supplied many machines to customers building kits into a blister package. Insulin type kitting being only one example. This highly automated process often requires close collaboration with other large automation companies. Very often, syringes, needles, and a pump must be assembled into the blister cavity. Four-color printing is also a requirement for some customers. Pharmaworks, in partnership with other Promach companies, has perfected this technology.

Applicator Blister Package
Applicator Blister Package

Applicator in Blister Package

Pharmaworks provided the customer with a streamlined solution to not only assemble the applicator but also to insert a dry solid tablet in it. This solution is just one that shows the diversity of our automation capabilities.

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