Intermittent Cartoners - Product Cartoning Machines

Pharmaworks offers new and rebuilt cartoners. Pharmaworks offers rebuild solutions for popular brands of equipment such as Uhlmann, Klockner, Marchesini, and more. Rebuild solutions offer a range of upgrades including basic refurbishment of the equipment, controls upgrades, safety upgrades, and motion upgrades. All rebuild solutions can be completed at Pharmaworks or on-site at your facility. The new Pharmaworks Ci6 cartoner is an intermittent cartoner compatible with any of our fully automatic blister machines.

Just like our blister machines, our cartoners are designed for use in diverse industries, including:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nutraceutical
  • Medical device
  • Animal health
  • Consumer Products

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The Ci6 is the perfect choice for intermittent cartoning in today’s demanding pharmaceutical environment. Engineered with cGMP and performance in mind, the Ci6 cartoner is also maintenance-friendly and easy to operate. Whether the product is a blister, bottle, or medical device the Ci6 can handle the job.

Pharmaworks has more than 20 years of experience rebuilding many types and brands of cartoners. Whether the customer needs a field controls upgrade or a complete rebuild done at our facility, Pharmaworks can handle the project.