Batteries & Consumer Devices

Battery Packaging Machinery

Pharma-Grade Blister Packaging Equipment Guarantees Quality Consumer Packaging of Varying Sizes and Shapes

Blister packages are very well suited for consumer device packaging. Many times the device must be individually packaged to either retain freshness and integrity or to isolate the product from touching other products. Blister packing offers both features. Pharmaworks has packaged batteries, dental products, and numerous other consumer products successfully.

Pharmaworks Consumer Battery Blister Package Application
Coin/ Button Batteries in a Blister Package

Child Resistant Blister Packaging Button Style Batteries

Battery packaging requires the best of CR (Child resistant) features. Additionally, battery feeding requires constant separation of batteries. Pharmaworks has a proven track record in handling large scale blister packaging applications using our vast knowledge in product handling.

Pharmaworks Blister Application - Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening Kit Blister Package

Non-Standard Blister Packaging for Teeth Whitening Kits

Whitening type products often require non-standard packaging materials due to the reaction of the product to the substrates. These materials require in-depth knowledge of how to heat and form while maintaining production speed. Our blister packaging technology handles these applications without any additions to the machines.

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