Pharmaworks ProMach Collaboration

Access to other ProMach brands for Total Pharma Solutions

When appropriate for the customer solution, we tap into the power of the ProMach organization to work collaboratively with the other ProMach brands -- both inside and outside of our Pharma group.

With facilities worldwide, ProMach’s product brands operate across the entire production line in multiple business lines. These business lines include our Pharma group as well as Filling, Bottling & Capping, Decorative Labeling, Flexibles & Trays, Handling & Sterilizing, Labeling & Coding, Robotics & End-of-Line and Systems & Integration. ProMach Pharma also operates the ProMach Innovation Center (PMIC). A leader in engineering and automated production solutions, PMIC offers custom engineering, manufacturing and installation services for integrated automation projects. Our ability to collaborate and co-develop with other ProMach brands and the ProMach Innovation Center gives Pharmaworks and ProMach Pharma Solutions the opportunity to be the total pharma solutions provider…

NJM Collaboration Graphic 12 2 2022