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As our name implies, Pharmaworks was founded by providing the best in solid dose blister packaging. Whether the customer requires a machine rebuild to keep existing tooling in production well into the future or new machinery to package today’s newest products, Pharmaworks has proven to be the superior choice.

All of the options in the blister packaging arena – thermoform, cold form, foil blister packaging, paper blister packaging, Push-Through-Packs (PTP), peelable lids, and more – are within our expertise.

A selection of blister machine and feeder combinations are available for dry, solid dose blister applications. Equipment combination is determined by the shape and size of the product, as well as, the desired size and blister output of the equipment. For instance, the FA1 Pick & Place Feeder combined with a TF1e or TF1pro Blister Machine is perfect for small to medium blister output applications. The FT320 Dedicated Tube Style Feeder output is capable of delivering product to larger, higher output blister machines such as the TF2 and TF3. All of our equipment is built to the highest cGMP standards and we offer full validation services to our Pharmaceutical customers.

Multi-dose Blister Package with Tablets
Multi-dose Blister Package with Tablets

Multi-dose Tablet Blister Packaging

A multi-dose tablet blister packaging application, such as the one pictured, can be filled by a FA1 Pick & Place Feeder or FT320 Dedicated Tube Style Feeder. Blister machine selection is determined by blister size and desired blister output.

Gelcap Blister Packaging
Gelcap Blister Packaging

Gelcap Blister Packaging

A typical gelcap blister packaging application is easily executed with Pharmaworks equipment. Both the FA1 Pick & Place Feeder and FT320 Tube Style Feeder are capable of simultaneously delivering multiple products.

HUD Unit Dose Ci6 Cartoner Solution
Pharmaworks Blister & Carton Packaging Solution

Hospital Unit Dose
Blister & Carton Packaging

One of our latest innovations is a HUD (Hospital Unit Dose) cartoner. The Ci6 Cartoner solves numerous known issues with high blister card counts. The Ci6 Cartoner has been engineered to address serialization demands and the need to rapidly switch between glue and tuck type closing systems.

Cold Form Blister packaging
Cold Form Blister Packaging

Cold Form Blister Packaging

Cold form blister packaging utilizes laminate film containing aluminum.

When cold forming, the blister machine utilizes an imprint/stamp to form the sheets. The film maintains the shape after the stamp is removed.

Cold form aluminum blister packaging is used in pharma for climate-control within the blister.

Our blister machines can optionally be set up to cold form.

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