IBIS Inline Blister Inspection System

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The IBIS, Inline Blister Inspection System, has been developed for final product and print inspection of individual blisters as they exit the thermoformer. The sealed blisters are inspected for defective, missing, crushed, wrong color, foreign or transposed products while performing detailed product shape inspection using Scanware vision technology.

  • Independent blister inspection for product and printed lid material
  • Process blisters in-line or as a standalone unit with the optional blister magazine
  • Reject assurance with triple redundancy
  • Modular and compact frame design for different height applications
  • Dedicated reject chutes and verification for product and print inspection

Standard Features

  • Scanware high-resolution inspection technology – optimized to inspect through sealed blisters (non-cold-formed)
  • Reject system with verification (3 levels of fail-safe redundancy)

Optional Features

  • Blister infeed magazine
  • Infeed/outfeed conveying systems
  • Visible/UV 2D code inspection
  • Validation package