Blister Packaging Machines & Thermoforming Equipment

The Pharmaworks blister machine line-up is at the core of all of our blister packaging equipment. Each blister machine, often referred to as a thermoformer, is capable of packaging virtually any blister application for a variety of industries.

Pharmaworks equipment has been designed for production in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, medical device, animal health, and consumer industries. Each machine model is capable of packaging solid dose products and complex blister packaging applications, such as:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Gelcaps
  • Medical devices
  • Syringes
  • Liquids

Learn more about the thermoforming equipment and how it can be implemented into your packaging line by contacting Pharmaworks today.

The TF3 is a high output blister machine with speeds exceeding 400 blisters per minute, making it the perfect machine for high volume production. The format range of the TF3 is 222mm x 300mm and up to 40mm draw depth.

The TF2 is medium to high output blister machine designed to be versatile and is perfect for a wide range of applications including standard HUD blister packs, BINGO style blister packs, medical devices, and tray packaging applications.

The “pro” machine incorporates many new and exciting innovations in blister packaging making it a versatile platform. It is not only designed with the latest cGMP features, but it can also be configured to transfer blisters out the front, rear, or inline with the machine.

The TF1e is the perfect machine for customers that require larger blister cards but still need the ability to change quickly between products or batches. Building on the success of the TF1, the TF1e is a larger format version of the TF1.

The TF1 is a cost-effective blister machine that is perfect for low-volume production. Built with simplicity in mind, this entry-level machine requires minimal training and minimal maintenance.

The BlisterMate™ is a semi-automatic thermoformer that executes multiple production processes without add-ons. Thermoform or cold form, seal, and perforate with power and versatility.

Pharmaworks has more than 20 years of experience rebuilding many types and brands of blister machines. Whether the customer needs a field controls upgrade or a complete rebuild done at our facility, Pharmaworks can handle the project.

Designed and manufactured by the leading North American manufacturer of pharmaceutical blister machines, Pharmaworks tooling solutions will get you up and running quickly. Not only does Pharmaworks design and manufacture tooling for our own model line-up but we have excelled in providing blister machine tooling solutions for a wide range of 3rd party OEM machines.