Sustainability in Blister Packaging

Pharmaworks Sustainable Blister Packaging

What does sustainability mean for the blister packaging industry?

Sustainability in blister packaging concerns creating and utilizing blister packs in a way that reduces environmental impact. Blister packaging is a popular, efficient way to package pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Worthy of consideration are ways to conscientiously manufacture and dispose of blister packs that minimize impact on the environment.

Some critical aspects of sustainability in blister packaging include:

  1. Materials
    Using recyclable and/or environmentally friendly materials when feasible
  2. Reduced Packaging
    Design and creation of blister packaging with a concerted effort to minimize material use while still obtaining all the benefits of the blister package
  3. Recycling
    When possible
  4. Environmentally Friendly Inks and Printing
    Using environmentally friendly inks and printing processes to minimize environmental impact
  5. Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing
    Auditing of manufacturing processes to ensure energy consumption is optimized and minimized
  6. Supply Chain Optimization
    Optimization and minimization of carbon-emitting transportation of materials
  7. Regulatory Compliance
    Using relevant environmental regulations as benchmarks/goals and working to exceed these standards when possible

Sustainability in blister packaging is a topical concern, and manufacturing processes need to implement eco-friendly practices and reduce environmental impact. These efforts not only benefit the environment, but also appeal to environmentally conscious consumers and lead to cost savings through less material used and more efficient manufacturing processes.

Blister Packaging Equipment and Applications

Pharmaworks blister machines and other technologies are capable of processing a wide variety of packaging materials, including new sustainable and recyclable materials. We have even worked with industry material manufacturers, allowing them to test materials on our in-house blister machines. As the leading blister packaging machine manufacturer in the U.S., Pharmaworks can provide solutions and expertise in your blister packaging processes, blister packaging pharmaceuticals, and your associated sustainability efforts.