TF1pro Medium Output, World-Class cGMP Blister Machine

The “pro” machine incorporates many new and exciting innovations in blister packaging. With speeds up to 100 indexes per minute and a usable forming range of 120mm x 165mm, the TF1pro blister machine is a versatile platform. It is not only designed with the latest cGMP features, but it can also be configured to transfer blisters out the front, rear, or inline with the machine

  • Usable forming area120 mm x 165mm
  • Forming depth (max)25 mm
  • Cold form depth (max)15 mm
  • All stations are independently driven
  • Sealing overload detection and seal force monitoring
  • Supports blister thermoforming and cold forming applications
  • Contact heating available at preheat station prior to forming
  • Small footprint machine with multiple feed area lengths available
  • Multiple outfeed options provides customers with ability to transfer blisters out the front, rear or inline with the machine
  • cGMP state-of-the-art design

Standard Features

  • Servo driven stations, there is no line shaft
  • Servo indexing with print registration adjustment and functionality
  • Ability to adjust station stroke and pressure while running machine (Dynamic seal pressure adjustment)
  • Modular feed area to accommodate feeders, accessories, and floor plans
  • Single blister reject for multi-blister formats
  • Enclosed base material
  • Contact heating
  • Retracting seal heater
  • Seal station load cell & overload sensor
  • Servo lowerator
  • PC Based HMI

Optional Features

  • Selective forming (ability to control individual cavities forming)
  • Base and Lidding low roll level detection
  • Pinhole detection
  • Lid material splice table
  • Slitter
  • Product Vision Inspection
  • Print Vision Inspection
  • Feeders (manual feed trays, flood feeders, dedicated feeders)
  • Servo plug assist/cold forming
  • Various printer systems can be easily integrated
  • Inert gas injection (helium/nitrogen)


  • Tool-less change-over
  • Tooling is completely tested at Pharmaworks prior to shipping *
  • A setup and testing sheet is provided with each toolset, reflecting factory-recommended parameters. This is essential for quick and efficient start-up of new tooling *

Feeding Equipment

Inspection Equipment

* Testing dependent upon the availability of equipment and materials.