Pharmaworks has successfully built over 40 vape packaging machines making our company the go-to OEM for blister packaging of vape products. We have produced feed systems and blister machine technology, providing a complete blister packaging solution.

Pharmaworks Application Vape Pods

Pharmaworks TF2 & TF1e blister machines have been widely used to package vape cartridges. Whether the project requires manual loading for quick, small batches or highly automated robotic feeding, Pharmaworks has provided the solution. We build entire lines with high-speed cartoning including accumulation systems when required.

Pharmaworks Application Vape Consumer

Transferring vape products between blister machines and downstream equipment, such as cartoners, sometimes require more than the typical flat belt conveyor. Pharmaworks has created transfer solutions to handle different vape blister package applications. We excel at handling products, obtaining third party equipment, and completing line integrations, all of which effectively make Pharmaworks a turn-key solution provider.

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