TF1 Blister Machine

The TF1 offers many state-of-the-art features, which makes it the preferred small footprint pharmaceutical blister packaging machine. Designed using servo technology for all station movements, the TF1 is flexible to set up and run, as well as efficient and quiet. Built with cleaning and cGMP standards in mind, this machine also offers quick-change tooling. Although the footprint is small, it is capable of producing in excess of 80 large HUD blisters per minute.

  • Usable Forming Area90 mm x 130 mm
  • Forming Depth (Max)25 mm
  • All stations are independently driven
  • Sealing overload detection and seal force monitoring
  • Supports blister thermoforming and cold forming applications
  • Contact heating available at preheat station prior to forming
  • Servo driven plug assist and cold form system available
  • Small footprint machine with multiple feed area lengths available

Standard Features

  • Servo driven stations, there is no line shaft
  • Servo indexing with print registration adjustment and functionality
  • Ability to adjust station stroke and pressure while running machine (Dynamic seal pressure adjustment)
  • Modular feed area to accommodate feeders, accessories, and floor plans
  • Auto-lift seal station
  • Single blister reject for single blister formats

Optional Features

  • Selective forming (ability to control individual cavities forming)
  • Slitter
  • Product Vision Inspection
  • Print Vision Inspection
  • Feeders (manual feed trays, flood feeders, dedicated feeders)
  • Base and Lidding low roll level detection
  • Servo plug assist/cold forming
  • Various printer systems can be easily integrated


  • Tool-less change-over
  • Tooling is completely tested at Pharmaworks prior to shipping (Pharmaworks is committed to keeping a running TF1e in-house for tool testing)
  • A setup and testing sheet is provided with each toolset, reflecting factory-recommended parameters. This is essential for quick and efficient start-up of new tooling

Feeding Equipment

Inspection Equipment