Pharmaworks TF2 Blister Machine with Custom Robotic Feed System

The TF2 blister machine is a versatile medium to high output blister machine. A format range of 170mm x 300mm makes the machine perfect for a wide range of applications including standard HUD blister packs and BINGO style blister packs. The TF2 also features a 40mm forming depth making it ideal for packaging medical devices and tray packaging applications.

A custom robotic feed system is shown here but the TF2 is a perfect match for our FA3 Pick & Place Feeder (a larger, higher output version of our FA1 Feeder), FT320 Dedicated Tube-Style Feeder, or FF4 Flood Feeder. As with all of our blister machines, the TF2 thermoformer is capable of hosting a wide variety or third party solid dose feed systems.