Pharmaworks TF1pro Blister Machine with FA1 Pick & Place Feeder

The TF1 Pro Blister Machine incorporates many new and exciting innovations in blister packaging. With speeds up to 100 indexes per minute and a usable forming range of 120mm x 165mm, the TF1pro blister machine is a versatile platform perfectly suited to the consumer industry. It is not only designed with the latest cGMP features, but it can also be configured to transfer blisters out the front, rear, or inline with the machine.

While an FA1 Pick & Place Feeder is shown with the TF1pro blister machine, our thermoformers are capable of integrating a wide variety of feed systems including Pharmaworks' FT320 Dedicated Tube Style Feeder and FF1 Flood Feeder. Pharmaworks also has well over a decade of experience building and integrating custom and robotic feed systems as well as integrating third party solid dose feeders from other popular OEMs.