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Medical Product Packaging Machinery

With more than two decades of experience in blister packaging, Pharmaworks provides advanced technology packaging machinery for the medical and diagnostic industry. Designed to meet performance and safety standards, medical packaging machines ensure the latest in innovation while maintaining stringent sanitary and safety requirements. These machines accommodate packaging of all Medical Device Classes, including syringes, vials, suture kits, insulin pumps, and more.

Working with manufacturers in the medical device industry, Pharmaworks offers innovative turn-key blister packaging solutions for diverse medical devices. The machines from Pharmaworks include the TF1, TF1e, TF1pro, TF2, TF3, and the BlisterMate. Each of these blister systems is available with a custom, robotic feeder, with the exception of the BlsiterMate, which uses a hand feed system.

Available for diverse applications in the medical industry, choosing the best blister machine for your particular application depends on the machine output to accommodate your production targets. The TF1 Series is an entry-level machine designed for low-volume production. The TF1e is ideal for low to moderate production. The TF1pro works at speeds up to 150 blisters per minute.

The TF2 blister machine is designed for medium to high output of syringes, vials, and other medical products. Features on the TF2 include a format range of 160mm x 290mm, sealing overload detection and seal force monitoring, with independently servo driven stations.

For medical device manufacturers with high output requirements, the TF3 offers high speeds, exceeding 400 blisters per minute. Accommodating all feeding systems and printers, the TF3 uses a laser feedback system for continuous blister registration.

The feeding equipment designed for the medical industry is innovative and customizable to ensure high quality, precise product requirements are met. Innovative technology is integral to the feeding systems, including machine docking, quick changeover, and cleaning solutions.

BlisterMate is the only blister machine that requires hand feeding. This semi-automatic blister thermoformer is capable of executing multiple production processes without add-ons. Powerful and reliable, this system uses HMI controls for maximum versatility. Features on the BlisterMate include thermoform and cold form capabilities, sealing and perforation, digital temperature control, and recipe management.

In addition to blister packaging, intermittent cartoning is available for manufacturers in the medical industry. The Ci6 cartoner from PharmaWorks is a cartoner designed for ease of operation and maintenance while maintaining high performance. This system can handle any blister or medical device with speed and precision.

Another great offering from Pharmaworks is the ability to rebuild and/or upgrade existing equipment. Pharmaworks has more than 18 years of experience rebuilding and upgrading many types and brands of blister machines and cartoners. Pharmaworks Medical Device clients benefit from this service by rebuilding and/or upgrading their older, out of date equipment that often has obsolete parts and/or is hard to maintain and operate efficiently. Pharmaworks will return the equipment better than new including implementation of the latest requirements in safety standards.

Pharmaworks has worked with the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and medical device industries for over 18 years. Offering blister machines, cartoners, tooling, feed systems, vision inspection solutions, rebuilds/upgrades, and customizable solutions, while ensuring that safety and sanitary standards are exceeded for safe and sterile packaging.

Pharmaworks Medical Device - Syringe Blister Package
Pharmaworks Medical Device - Syringe Blister Package