Pharmaceutical Industry

Oral Solid Dose & Powder Blister Machines

As the name implies, Pharmaworks builds machinery to Pharmaceutical standards. We adhere to the latest in cGMP. All of our machines are built with the packaging of oral solid dose, liquids and powder type products in mind. We count brand name pharmaceutical companies, contract packagers, and small upcoming brands as our customer base.

Pharmaworks Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging
Pharmaworks Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging

Pharmaworks engages with a wide range of industries to provide innovative blister machinery that meets and exceeds performance, safety, and cGMP standards. Blister packaging can be used with diverse feed systems to create packaging solutions for unique product requirements. Most notably, the blister package provides unit dose integrity including, but not limited to, stability, product identification to the unit of dose and traceability.

Working with manufacturers in the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Medical Device, and Consumer Products sectors, Pharmaworks creates blister packaging solutions for oral solid dose (OSD), powders, liquids, medical devices, and consumer products.

All of the blister machine models produced by Pharmaworks can be used for any application whether it is thermoforming or cold form. Machine output (blisters per minute) dictates which model is appropriate for an application. The TF1 Series is entry-level and designed for low-volume blister production, the TF1e is for low to moderate blister production rates and is a completely servo driven machine, and the TF1pro with its enhanced state-of-the-art features can handle the more sophisticated applications up to 150 blisters per minute.

Blister packaging requires a feed system to automatically feed and position the product into the blister pack. In the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical industries, there are specific feed systems designed for each blister machine.

The TF1 Series of blister machines can utilize various feeders including the FA1, FF1, and/or FT320models. The FA1 model is a pick and place feeder for low to medium tablet count applications. The FF1 model is designed for flood feeding applications utilizing planetary stirring technology and brush assemblies. The FT320 model is a tube-style feeder designed to increase control of product agitation.

For medium to high output of oral solid dose as well as pharmaceutical powder and liquid products, the TF2 blister machine is ideal. The TF2 is versatile for a variety of applications, including standard HUD blister packs and BINGO style blister packs. The TF3 blister machine is ideal for high volume production rates exceeding 300 blisters per minute.

When using the TF2 blister machine or the TF3 blister machine, the FA3, FF4, and FT320 feeders are the ideal models. The FA3 model is a feeder designed for OSD applications and is not compatible with powder or liquid pharma products. The FF4 model, however, is a feeder designed for all pharmaceuticals. The FF4 flood feeder shuffles product into the blister cavities using stirring and brush assemblies. The FT320 model is a tube-style dedicated feeder and is typically used for feeding large format areas that are densely populated.

When blister packaging medical devices or consumer products (outside of typical OSD products), specialized feed systems are custom built. These custom feed systems can be used on any Pharmaworks blister machine.

Blistermate is a powerful semi-automated blister packaging machine designed with a variety of features, such as saving and recalling pharmaceutical recipes, capable of thermoform or cold form applications, seal and perforate, and HMI controls. The product is hand fed on the Blistermate.

For customers who need to rebuild or upgrade their existing blister machines or cartoners , Pharmaworks can either completely rebuild the machines to “like new” condition or perform a controls upgrade at the customer site.

For intermittent cartoning in the demanding pharmaceutical environment, the Ci6 cartoner is ideal. This cartoner is engineered for ease of operation, high performance, ease of maintenance and meets cGMP requirements. This machine is designed to handle any blister, bottle, or medical device in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaworks manufactures blister machines for thermoforming and cold forming applications, feeding systems, and cartoners in compliance with the FDA guidelines. With extensive experience working with pharmaceutical manufacturers, each machine is designed for safe, sterile, and sanitary use.