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As the leading blister machine manufacturer, Pharmaworks offers innovative, reliable, turn-key blister packaging solutions for diverse industries. Working with manufacturers in the nutraceutical and dietary supplement sector, Pharmaworks machinery is designed to meet performance, safety, and cGMP standards.

For the nutraceutical and dietary supplement industry, Pharmaworks produces turn-key blister packaging solutions featuring unit of dose integrity and stability. Blister packaging systems are used for oral solid dose (OSD), powders, and liquids. The blister machines used in the nutra sector range from the TF Series to the BlisterMate. Each of these machines feature a variety of compatible feed systems and can be used for any application.

The TF1 Series includes the TF1, TF1e, and the TF1pro. This series is entry-level and ranges in production rates. The TF1 is for low-volume, the TF1e is designed for low to moderate production, and the TF1pro handles advanced applications up to 150 blisters per minute. The TF1 Series can be used with the FA1, FF1, and FT320 feed systems.

The FA1 is a pick and place feed system for low to medium OSD feeding applications. The FF1 is designed for flood feeding applications using planetary stirring and brush assemblies. The FT320 is a tube-style feed system designed to increase control of product agitation.

When medium to high output is required, the TF2 blister machine is ideal. This machine is designed for OSD, powders, and liquid products. Features on the TF2 include versatility of applications, including standard HUD blister packs and BINGO style blister packs.

The TF3 is similar to the TF2 with an emphasis on high volume production. The TF3 feature high speeds working up to 300 blisters per minute. Each of these blister machines is compatible with the FA3, FF4, and FT320 feed systems.

The FA3 feed system is specifically designed for OSD products and cannot be used for powders or liquids. When packing diverse products, the FF4 feed system is ideal. This versatile feed system uses planetary stirring and brush assemblies to shuffle products into the blister cavities. The FT320 is a tube-style feeder and is a self-contained system with increased control of product agitation.

Pharmaworks also produces the BlisterMate which is a semi-automatic blister machine. The BlisterMate is ideal for multiple production processes. This powerful machine uses HMI controls and features the ability to save recipes for frequently used processes.

In addition to the blister machines, intermittent cartoning solutions are available for the nutraceutical and dietary supplement industry. The Ci6 cartoner is engineered to cGMP standards for ease of use and maintenance as well as high production.

Another great offering from Pharmaworks is the ability to rebuild or upgrade existing equipment. Pharmaworks has more than 18 years of experience rebuilding and upgrading many types and brands of blister machines and cartoners. Pharmaworks nutra clients benefit from this service by rebuilding and/or upgrading their older, out of date equipment that often has obsolete parts and/or is hard to maintain and operate efficiently. Pharmaworks will return the equipment better than new including implementation of the latest requirements in safety standards.

All of the blister machines, feed systems, and cartoners from Pharmaworks strictly follow safety and sanitary standards. These blister machines are designed to meet the needs of start-ups to Fortune 500s and range from low to high speed production.

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