Pharmaworks BlisterMate


The precision engineered BlisterMate™ executes multiple production processes without add-ons. It’s a powerful blister packer with precise HMI controls so you can produce an endless variety of blister features. Save and recall recipes for frequently used processes.  Thermoform or cold form, seal, and perforate with power and versatility.

Standard Features

  • Thermoform and Cold Form Capable
  • Seal and Perforate
  • Fold-up Design for Storage
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • HMI Dwell Time Control
  • Recipe Management

Optional Features

  • Vacuum Forming
  • Mobile Base

Tooling & Services

All tooling is precision designed and manufactured at our Florida facility, then fully tested on an in-house machine. Pharmaworks is committed to full support. We can provide material blanks or the devices to make your own.

Pharmaworks BlisterMate Tooling

Max. Format Range 220mm x 290mm
Max. Thermoform Depth 40mm
Max. Cold Form Depth 20mm


Length 950 mm
Width 1170 mm (832mm*)
Height 743 mm
*Dimensions when in stored position
Voltage 230VAC, Single Phase
Compressed Air 6.9 bar (100 psi)
Compressed Air Flow 17-20 m3/hr (10-12 SCFM)

Pharmaworks BlisterMate

Pharmaworks BlisterMate with Clicker Press

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