Pharmaworks and scanware are the Solution 

"Hello. I am the project engineer for the scanware vision system."

"My task was to provide an alternative to manual, human inspection. We currently bulk package our products. Our challenge was to provide to a blister pack camera technology without the thermoform web as a carrier.

"Pharmaworks and [Customer] came up with a custom application that combined the camera, adjustable tooling for various capsules, counting, rejection, and bulk packaging all in one piece of equipment.

"We succeeded, and Pharmaworks and scanware went the extra mile until the end. As prototype unit there were startup issues and software changes required that they assumed full responsibility for implementing.

"Obviously, the heart of the system is the scanware unit. At the time of evaluation, I researched and tried several systems, including Systech, DT, SVR Scheinader, Pharmaworks/scanware, Romaco, Dunkley.
Each had the pros and cons.

"We went with Pharmaworks/scanware because:
1: Integration. Systech, DT, Romaco, Dunkley only offered expertise in one half of the puzzle. Either the packaging equipment or the vision system. None of them provided a full turn key solution to integrate the software and the hardware to meet my expectations. Systech, DT and Dunkley are software only providers. Romaco and DT are mainly hardware.

2: Foreigner detection among similar colors. Hands down, the scanware gave us the best levels of detection and ease of programming and recipe changeovers.

3: Speed: The scanware provided the fastest detection possible. We are processing 300,000 capsules per hour. Romaco and SVR could come close but the cost and size of the equipment was twice as much

4: Leaders and Experience in Industry: Pharmaworks/scanware was the only company that provided an immediate solution and even a working demo within days of the quote.

5: scanware/Pharmaworks provided immediate support for all of our concerns."

Actual Production Feedback:
"The scanware system is run on a QNX platform and mil-spec components. This has proven itself to very secure, reliable and repeatable. We have been running the unit 24/7 since March and it has not crashed once. The occasional estops and power blips have had no effect on the hardware or software. The unit reboots into the last program and continues running. This is for both the scanware and Pharmaworks components. Also the QNX system does not allow any backdoor access to the operating system unlike the windows OS. An admin can access the OS but it requires knowledge of QNX.

"We have no issues with the repeatability of the color detection or light sources.

"Also, during commissioning we burned the mainboard due to a frequent power spikes.  We simply dropped in a new board into the bus slot and it loaded up without a single problem. No reteaching of the camera or the colors was required."

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