Automated Inspection Solutions 


As a machine builder AND vision system representative, Pharmaworks is the perfect partner for solving your inspection needs that involve product handling. Pharmaworks takes system responsibility for both the product handling design and inspection system integration. The following are some examples of systems that initially were custom systems designed to solve such specific needs.


High Speed Bulk Product Inspection

Combine product handling and vision for applications such as product re-inspection/rejection systems.

  • 100% color camera based inspection of bulk product
  • Inspects capsules & tablets at speeds over 600,000/hr.
  • Automatic reject of faulted product
  • Counts product accurately

UPDATE: Ask about double sided inspection for the Bulk Inspection Series.




Inline Inspection System

Inspects sealed, punched blisters for color, shape, location and print.



Stand-alone Inline Print Inspection

Products and packages are inspected at many stages of the packaging process.  An inline inspection system has been developed to perform 100% print inspection in a platform that easily installs onto any packaging line.


Typically, online blister print inspection requires integration onto a host machine, requiring PLC programming for additional shift registers and triggering, mounting hardware, installation and machine revalidation costs, not to mention the cost of downtime.  This stand alone system is designed to be quickly mounted to existing conveying systems and is independent of upstream or donwstream equipment.

Benefits include:

  • Over 300 blisters/minute inspetion rate
  • Stand alone system
  • Simple installation
  • No integration with blister machine required


Offline/Inline Blister Inspection

Inspects sealed, punched blister cards through formed PVC/translucent material for correct product filling, position, color, shape, crushed product or surface defects.  Print inspection system inspects lid material for lot/date codes, barcodes, etc per pocket!

  • Product inspection of individual blisters
  • Print inspection of individual blisters

Offline/Inline Blister Inspection System



Sealed blisters are inspected for product integrity (color tablet/capsule inspection), print quality, print registration, and inspection of lot/date codes.

  • Adjustable Inspection Speed -
    UP TO 600/MIN
  • Integrates Directly Into Existing Production Lines
  • Integrated Reject With Verification
  • Magazine Feeder
  • Stand Alone Unit
    (Existing Equipment Doesn't Require Revalidation)
  • Ensures Product Wasn't Damaged In Seal, Perforation, Or Punch Stations
  • Unit Can Be Used To Quickly Reinspect Blisters In The Event Of A Required Reinspection


                  Reject Verification                                      Magazine Feeder

Reject Verification             Magazine Feeder



Inline Barcode Inspection

  • Clamps on to existing conveying systems
  • Stand-alone system
  • Verifies carton barcodes or print
  • Secure interface
  • Integrated Reject system with Verification

Inline Barcode Inspection



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