FA Series Feeder

Originally designed for the TF1 and TF1e blister machines, the FA Series feed system is perfect for low to medium tablet count feeding applications on any blister machine.
The feeder uses gentle rotary flaps to align product in a feed track. Then product is aligned to the blister cavity layout and vacuum picked from the feed track by a servo actuated arm where it is gently placed in the blister cavity.
  • GMP Design
  • Simple and Cost Effective Tooling
  • Quick and Repeatable Change-Over
  • Operator can view entire feeding process
  • Mobile cart for quick docking to TF1 and TF1e blister machines
  • Adaptable to other small to medium format blister machines
Contact us to see how a FA Series Feeder can fill your feeding application.

FA1 Specifications
Max Speed Up to 80 CPM
Max Feed Area
(Across Machine)
Max Feed Area Length
(Index Direction)
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