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Controls Overview

PharmaWorks provides the most modern as well as the most user friendly blister machine control system available. Our control system is based on the Allen Bradley Controllogix 5000 PLC. The Controllogix has the capability to control ALL functions on a blister machine. This includes but is not limited to motion control, temperature control, cams and analog control.

Additionally, our control systems have a proven user interface that is powerful but yet simple so that operators feel comfortable using the system. Both the PLC software and the HMI software are open in that we allow the customer to have a commented copy for their internal use (licensed per machine) . This allows the customer to add functions and troubleshoot freely.

Cost savings of the Pharmaworks controls concept

  • Use of Allen Bradley PLC and servo hardware: locally available – reduces spare parts inventory costs and down-time.
  • Open Architecture: PLC software and HMI screens are provided to customer allowing faster troubleshooting or customer modification
  • Transfer of validated formats between identical machines: Validated machine formats can be transferred from machine to machine via compact flash card.  This is a significant cost savings because this eliminates the bottleneck of limiting format runs only on the machine that it was qualified for.
  • Care is taken that all of the rebuilt UPS-4’s in the facility are hardware identical
  • Field machine upgrades: When a full machine rebuild is not required or is not practical Pharmaworks offers field upgrades. Pharmaworks can install a new control system in the field. We can also replace certain stations on the machine to increase functionality and improve performance. A typical field upgrade may consist of the following options:
         —New control system with new HMI
         —Servo indexing in replacement of mechanical indexers
         —Servo main drive systems to replace existing drive systems
         —Seal station pressure monitoring added to machine
         —Completely replace the cooling system
         —Completely replace the pneumatic system
         —Replace existing heater plates with the Pharmaworks style heater plates 
         —Complete blister packaging integrations
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