Pharmaworks Service Group’s goal is to provide outstanding operation from build to production floor.  This includes prompt technical advice from industry experts, parts and well coordinated onsite service.  With this top notch service team you are able to optimize performance and keep your production flowing.  We are committed to putting the customer’s needs first by providing accurate and reliable same day solutions, when possible.

The Pharmaworks Service Group consists of in-house engineers and other factory trained technical personnel that specialize in pharmaceutical packaging equipment. We strive to provide predictive and preventative measures to help you achieve your goals, from operational training, technical updates to getting the right parts in your hands to fix the problem when they are needed.  Pharmaworks Service group continues to acquire expertise and invest in research and development to stay a step ahead and provide innovative leading edge solutions.

What Customers Are Saying Is Great About Pharmaworks

"Parts, Service, their understanding, their ability to resolve problems over the phone. I give them a 100%."

"Excellent innovation & customer service."

"Great support.  Best combined mechanical & electrical engineering knowledge in the industry."

Service & Technical Support:

Service Department
+1 (727) 835-0781

After Hours Support
+1 (727) 232-8200

For support after regular business hours call the after hours support number and follow the system prompts to reach the service managers voicemail. Please leave a detailed message so we can better serve you and to help ensure your issue can be resolved quickly.

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