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Master Production Scheduler 

Job Description:
The Master Production Scheduler will perform planning scheduling activities in a multi-Product Production environment of an Industrial automation machinery manufacturer. Activities will be planning resource allocation, production schedules, materials flow and analyze production capacities to identify potential bottlenecks and recommend improvements.

Main Tasks:

  • Become familiar with the process flow from order placement through Engineering, Planning, Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing, Testing and Shipment.
  • Formulate Production schedules to facilitate the required flow.
  • Create internals orders and schedules to communicate the Production Plan.
  • Collect any necessary data to support planning activities.
  • Coordinate with Project Managers to allow for their input in Master Production Scheduler activities.
  • Create a Master Production Schedule (MPS) to coordinate all Production orders and schedules.
  • Create, share and maintain a visual depiction of the Master Production Schedule.
  • Coordinate with Engineering, Purchasing, Inventory and Manufacturing departments to establish bidirectional communication on established milestones, forecast amendments, understanding of delays, opportunities on “gap closing” and upcoming forecasted Order activities.
  • Develop appropriate metrics, including forecast accuracy, and gather data to support management in evaluating current capacities, forecasting future capacities and highlighting areas for improvement.
  • Communicate with staff at all levels within the organization and create an environment where improvement activity can flourish, a strong team approach is developed and employees feel empowered to suggest and take actions to improve work flows.
  • The Production Planner will be “Hands on”, motivated and persistent when challenges arise.

Must have 2+ years’ experience in evaluating manufacturing processes of automated machinery. Knowledge of production planning scheduling in a custom OEM environment is also very important. Appropriate training and experience in six sigma, kaizen and the principles and practices of Lean manufacturing is a must. Previous exposure to a formal ERP system would be an advantage.

Reporting/Organizational relationship:
This position reports to the Operations Director. This position will interface closely with staff, Project Managers and mangers of the Engineering, Tooling, Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing and Machine Shop departments.


  • Must have a minimum of a 2 year technical degree related to industrial automation. (Industrial or Mechanical Engineering preferred)
  • Formal training in the practices and principles of lean manufacturing.

Candidate must be able to perform the following specific duties and have the following skills:

• Quality first mind set and understand and convey craftsmanship at all levels.
• Very organized and the ability to multi-task.
• Operate in what can be a stressful environment at times
• Work effectively with employees at all levels within the organization and gain their respect and cooperation.
• Create an environment of continuous improvement
• Thorough understanding of process improvement strategies and methods
• Ability to gather, analyze and use information in an organized manner
• Prepare reports and communicate (verbal and written) those reports effectively
• Management skills (organized, hands on approach, able to lead group meetings)
• Understanding of the engineering, manufacturing and assembly methods of automated light industrial devices and systems
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite products, Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point


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