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Parts Coordinator Level 1 

Main Responsibilities

  • The primary responsibility of this job is to synchronize the flow of parts to ensure they are available to assembly and testing in a timely manner. This ensures the assembly and testing of products can be achieved in accordance with the schedule requirements, commitments, demands and customer agreed ship dates.
  • Assist with the kitting process ensuring product is kitted to its designated location (Kit, Station) etc., this includes ensuring quantities and part numbers match the BOM.
  • Follow the standard work activities to include highlighting labels and BOM’s with the appropriate code.
  • Stop and question and abnormities in fulfilling immediately.
  • Service the production floor in locating parts while ensuring current processes are followed and met.
  • Kit parts in accordance to pull tickets, documents and electronic, non-electronic records while recording due date and parts required on each kit.
  • Control issuing kits to production by ensuring tractability is I place and processes are followed while striving to maintain 100% fill levels and communicate when unable to do so.
  • Complete any and all documentation, electronic, non-electronic wherever required and as directed. This includes maintaining schedules, interactive boards, shadow boards and any other source of communication method.
  • Control and maintain orderly, timely restocking of returned parts etc.
  • Handle the logistics of ensuring X parts are modified in a timely manner, either internally or Externally as directed.
  • Ensure parts do not sit idle for any given period of time and raise attention to non moving parts.
  • Assist with performing cross training as directed when required to ensure back-ups are readily in place.
  • Follow-up on identified issues with the appropriate folks to ensure missing, non-moving parts are located and expedited.
  • Communicate any and all issues that may impact or delay parts in transit, mfg etc.
  • Attend project review meetings, as required while being proactive in implementing productive change.
  • Perform departmental cleaning and housekeeping.
  • Work a flexible schedule to accommodate requirements.
  • Work in other associated/non associated areas as schedule requires and remain flexible at all times while carrying out a high level of productivity.


Job Requirements

  • High School Diploma or GED.
  • Practical experience gained in a mechanical assembly/machining environment.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills
  • Persistence, determination and a desire to get the job done.
  • Work as part of a team and the need to be flexible.
  • The ability to work in an organized manner, multi task as required and be able to cope with pressure on occasions.
  • The physical strength to be able to handle weights of up to 56 lbs.
  • Be prepared to work overtime when required.
  • Assist with tasks in other parts of the plant, as required.


Measures of Success

  • Improved parts availability at the commencement of product assembly – target 100%
  • Improved kitting accuracy - target 100%
  • Harmonious working relationships between the job incumbent, assembly and support areas. - zero complaints
  • Work as part of an overall team and remain flexible to help other whenever possible.
  • Self motivated and able to work with little to no supervision

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