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Mechanical Design Solutions Developer 

Job Summary

The Mechanical Design Solutions Developer’s role is to help develop software solutions that automate the design processes used in the development of tooling for form/fill/seal pharmaceutical packaging machinery.

Pharmaworks utilizes the SolidWorks platform for all mechanical design, along with DriveWorks for development of the automated tooling design to order process.  A focused effort is required to pursue development of a software solution that allows rapid quoting, configuration and generation of the custom tooling used for producing pharmaceutical blister packages.  A video can be seen at this link providing an example of the project: https://youtu.be/4cF3aSfxgtM

The ideal candidate demonstrates:

  • A high level of mechanical aptitude along with competency in software development.
  • Solidworks knowledge beyond basic design and assembly creation.
  • Any programming language including excel based boolean logic. Having an understanding of visual basic would be a huge bonus.
  • A passion for automation in software and machine design.
  • Exposure to graphic design software packages (Adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Good documentation skills
  • Ability to conceptualize, design and communicate technical information
  • Innovation, resourcefulness and discipline when resolving technical challenges
  • Proficiency with the metric system of measurement


  • Must have a minimum of a 2 year technical degree, trade school - training or apprenticeship program certificate

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