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Shipping/Receiving Assistant  

Main Responsibilities

  • Receive materials in to the company from vendors, checks off against packing slips, Inspect for visual and/or cosmetic defects, enter receipts in to the inventory system(s), wrap, protect and distribute items to the appropriate plant stock location(s).
  • Receive in house produced parts, check off against works orders, Inspect for visual and/or cosmetic defects, enter receipts in to inventory system(s), wrap, protect and distribute items to the appropriate plant stock locations.
  • Ensure parts are entered into inventory same day of receipt and made available for use. At no time shall parts remain on the receiving shelf unprocessed. All parts must reach intended destination same day of receipt.
  • Packages addressed to the owners shall remain sealed closed and must be expedited to their offices immediately and without delay.
  • Lead logistics in delivering parts to planning of ensuring X parts are modified in a timely manner, either internal or externally when needed.
  • Packing slips and/or receivers must be itemized and received line by line through the inventory control system and forwarded to accounting the same day of receipt. At no time shall packing slips or receivers be noted as complete when items are still outstanding. Each line on the packing slip/receiver must have a line # (via the inventory system) documented next to it, to include documentation on whether or not it is complete.
  • Follow guide lines for receiving customer owned product and material.
  • At no time shall parts, packages or receipts remain unprocessed into the next business day. Communicate and resolve any outstanding issues that may arise or impact on time delivery.  
  • Work closely with Incoming Inspection to ensure all made to print parts are routed through inspection before distribution for use.
  • Prepare for shipping all materials that need to go to outside vendors for processing, I.E. anodizing, painting, plating, customers, other vendors etc. Enter all transactions in the Outside Processing Log and receive back against the log entry when parts are returned as primary or secondary responsibilities.
  • Fulfill Sales Orders and update schedules daily. Communicate and resolve any issues that may impact on time delivery.
  • Arrange for the timely shipment and receipt of parts coming in or going out for processing etc.
  • Prepare finished goods and parts shipments for dispatch and handle all shipments, packing slips and all associated shipment documentation, including and not limited to FedEx, UPS, Express and other Carriers. Some shipments go outside the US. Complete the necessary transactions within the Computerized Inventory Control system associated with outgoing shipments. Ensure all deadlines and commitments are met and communicate with resolution if risks present themselves.
  • Package both small parts to full machines in boxes, crates, pallets, shipping containers or whatever others means are necessary to ensure stability and quality remain intact.
  • Must be full knowledgeable of international shipping requirements to including electronic packing slips and processing requirements, weight limitation, packaging requirements etc.
  • Work a flexible schedule to accommodate said shipments which will be outside standard shift or working hours, when and if needed with little to no notice.
  • Travel where needed to accommodate business shipping needs and stay for extended periods of time.
  • Work in associated/non associated areas as schedule requires while remaining flexible at all times, carrying out a high level of productivity.
  • Train backups.
  • Work closely with Maintenance/Materials Handling on the packaging and movement of equipment, parts etc. to be shipped.
  • Perform parts and inventory audits when deemed necessary by management.
  • Maintain schedules, deadlines, directives and flexible work schedule to ensure daily expectations are met and completed.
  • Work in other associated/non associated areas when schedule requires and remain flexible.
  • Responsible for daily housekeeping and cleaning of department and associated areas.


Job Requirements

  • Working knowledge of UPS, FED-EX, International shipping and trucking systems
  • Must be self motivated and able to work with little to no supervision
  • Must maintain and provide performance metrics
  • Must maintain a safe and clean work environment at all times while adhearing to any and all 5S and GMPs process reporting requirements
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Basic keyboard/computer knowledge and skills
  • Knowledge of working with an MRP/Inventory Control System would be an advantage
  • Ability to work with Excel, Word, Power Point, Access, Outlook
  • Work as part of an overall team and remain flexible to help others whenever possible
  • A high level of accuracy and penmanship working with numbers and transferring data in to the computer system
  • The ability to work in an organized manner and be able to cope with pressure on occasions
  • Interpersonal skills to be able to communicate with employees at all levels within the company
  • The physical strength to be able to handle weights of up to 56 lbs.
  • Be prepared to work occasional overtime and travel with extended stay when required
  • Assist with tasks in other parts of the plant, as required
  • Communicate, troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise including constraints in fulfilling noted job responsibilities, giving team members the opportunities to backfill daily requirements. If unable to resolve by shifting resources, management and delegate will analyze parts against need date and shift parts accordingly based on priority


Measures of Success

  • Improved parts availability at the commencement of product assembly – target 100%
  • Improved kitting and packaging quality and accuracy - target 100%
  • Residual project parts are reviewed and disposition must take place within seven days of the closing a project
  • Harmonious working relationships between the job incumbent, assembly and support areas. - zero complaints
  • Work as part of an overall team and remain flexible to help other whenever possible
  • Self motivated and able to work with little to no supervision
  • Proactive in playing a major role in company success by leading efforts in process improvement etc

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