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Pharmaworks Employees

Tooling Designer 

Job Description:

To perform design work in the packaging industry, primarily in the challenging pharmaceutical segment.  Need to understand basic automation principles such as component handling and assembly.  Must have basic project management experience, need to be able to develop and execute timelines.  Must be detail oriented with good troubleshooting skills.

 Job Requirements:

  • Have BSME or equivalent experience
  • Working knowledge of thermoform tooling design
  • Be willing to mentor team members with related experience
  • Be proficient in high precision close tolerance tooling designs
  • Be proficient in SolidWorks 3D parametric modeling software and Microsoft Office products
  • Be proficient in creating detailed manufacturing drawings from 3D models
  • Be proficient in the metric system of measurement
  • Have strong knowledge base of manufacturing methods and processes with various materials such as milling, grinding, electrostatic discharge machining, heat treating, plating and coatings with an understanding of cost impacts
  • Have experience in the selection of various materials to be used in tooling designs
  • Work in a fast paced collaborative team environment
  • Be able to conceptualize, design and communicate technical information
  • Professionally interface with engineering staff, purchasing group, shop personnel and outside vendors
  • Be innovative, resourceful and disciplined when resolving technical challenges
  • Machining background preferred
  • CNC CAM experience a plus
  • Perform trouble shooting / debugging of equipment prior to shipment to customer.

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