Roles at Pharmaworks 

We provide this information so you are aware of the talent we seek and hire.  Not all positions are available at all times and the levels of experience needed may vary depending on the current workforce skills. 
Learn more about some of the positions at Pharmaworks.  While we may not be actively searching to fill these positions, Pharmaworks is always looking for new talent.  Feel free to submit your information and resume.

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Assistant Manufacturing Manager

The Pharmaworks Assistant Manufacturing Manager’s role is to oversee, plan, execute and report of both mechanical and electrical assembly manufacturing and operational testing of the equipment in a timely and accura...

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CNC Machinist

The expectation of CNC Machinist is to produce high precision parts to drawing specifications utilizing machine tools (CNC Vertical Mills and Lathes) and hand tools.  The machinist will have an established knowledge...

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CNC Programmer

The CNC Programmer will operate CAM software to convert virtual 3D engineering models of machinery parts into machine tool code files for 3 axis and 5 axis machine tools in a low part count, high volume machine shop...

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Commercial / Fabricated Parts Buyer

The Pharma Works Purchasing position is to participate in the purchasing, production, organization, and distribution of parts and materials throughout the company in an engineer...

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Controls Engineer

The candidate will develop programs for packaging equipment which requires automation control (PLC ladder logic), motion control (servo, stepper and AC motors), and operator interface (HMI). You will support vendor ...

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