Career Development 

Pharmaworks is looking to the future and is offering two paths to assist in career development in the field of manufacturing.  Our approach is to share our knowledge through structured programs hosted by experienced colleagues and skilled mentors that teach, through practical experience, the skills needed in today’s manufacturing enterprises.  With Pharmaworks' commitment to sharing, we ask of our interns and apprentices for their commitment to a positive, ethical, passionate, and determined learning experience.

About the Pharmaworks Summer Internship

Pharmaworks internships challenge the individual through specific project based tasks requiring a base understanding of specific skills sets.  The intern works alongside skilled professionals in various sections of an engineering, manufacturing enterprise.  Our Summer Internship Program for 2019 is now accepting applications.


About the AMskills Apprenticeship Programs

Pharmaworks is proud to be part of the American Manufacturing Skills Initiative. Pharmaworks believes, practical, hands-on skills are the foundation for any individual seeking a manufacturing engineering career.  The AMskills program is based on the highly successful dual education German apprenticeship model, teaching practical skills through classroom instruction and  heavy emphasis in on-site training with qualified mentors in local manufacturing companies.  For more information or to apply, visit


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