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Planning & Inventory Manager 

The Pharmaworks Planning and Inventory Manager’s role is to oversee, supervise, and participate in the planning, production, organization, and distribution of materials throughout the company in an engineer to order environment.  The planning and inventory departments process engineering releases and ongoing changes to live production orders, purchase requests, and inventory “pick lists." The two departments also schedule and execute transportation and subcontracting processes, ship and receive, audit, and prepare project kits for the manufacturing and customer service departments. The position also entails data acquisition and creation of reports for management to analyze and utilize for strategic business decisions.   

Main Responsibilities
  • The Planning and Inventory Manager’s primary responsibility is to oversee successful parts planning implementation from project inception through all processes up to but not ending at Pharmaworks product shipment.
  • Manage the inventory within established parameters and strive to ensure a high level of accuracy through cycle counting and annual auditing. (95% + accuracy).
  • Manage the kitting process with the objective of providing the highest possible accuracy and by the targeted due dates in an “Engineer to Order” factory production model.
  • Manage Pharmaworks ERP Software (Jobscope) at a high level (Power User). Maintain “part master” records, part “methods of manufacture” (MoM), costing methods, “bill of material” (BoM) exports and analysis. Lead ERP software module development and go-live deployment within the company.  Work closely with the ERP vendor to develop new software processes and resolve any issues pertaining to software performance.
  • Active member in the overall ERP Software maintenance, coordination, strategic utilization and development with the ERP Software provider.
  • Work closely with Engineering, Manufacturing, and Purchasing to input planning dates to meet business objectives.
  • Manage releases and grouping of parts (parts planning) to optimize cost savings.
  • Responsible for managing the personnel in: planning, subcontracted parts processing, receiving, transport, stockroom, and shipping.
  • Design / prepare regular reports on project parts / kitting status, schedules, capacity planning, delivery, costs, inventory status, cycle counts, obsolescence.
  • Drive improvement activity to achieve greater efficiency and consequently cost reduction. 
  • Analyze historical data and costs and provide reports.

Job Requirement
  • Preferably a Bachelor’s Degree with 5 years’ experience, but an Associate’s Degree and at least 10 years’  experience in Production Planning and Materials Management.
  • Supervisory experience and well developed management skills.
  • Detailed knowledge of how ERP / Inventory Control systems work and can be most effectively used.
  • Experience with Jobscope ERP software preferred.
  • Practical experience gained in a mechanical assembly / machining environment.
  • Understanding of Mechanical and assembly drawings and onscreen 3D model interpretation skill sets.
  • Understanding of shipping packages and freight, nationally and internationally.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills
  • Persistence, determination and a desire to get the job done
  • Excellent computer skills: Microsoft Outlook, Word and an expert in Excel
  • Work as part of a team and the need to be flexible
  • The ability to work in an organized manner, multi task as required and be able to cope with high pressure on occasions
  • Understanding of  lean manufacturing training and a knowledge of 6 Sigma principles an advantage
Measures of Success
  • Production releases are accurate and processed in a timely manner. (within 24 hours/100% accurate)
  • Schedules accurately reflect requirements and 95% on time availability is achieved
  • Inventory accuracy is 95% (minimum) through cycle counting
  • Inventory dollars are managed within targeted parameters
  • Kits are complete by required due date
  • Reports are produced and issued in a timely manner

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