scanware LYNX-SPECTRA 3D 

 The first three dimensional vision inspection system for thermoformers.



With LYNX-SPECTRA 3D, scanware provides the first system on the market to allow you to inspect an object in three dimensions.

This creates whole new possibilities for quality control in packaging logistics. The process offers particular advantages for low-contrast inspection tasks such as recognizing deformation and fragments: above, analyzing elevation information offers clear advantages compared with color detection tests.

See 3D Vision Application Information (PDF)


Capped Product

 Can you find the capped product on the left?




Blister Sample  Image of a defective gray product in an aluminium blister. Does your blister inspection system detect this error? LYNX-SPECTRA 3D from scanware does.
 3D Grayscale Image LYNX-SPECTRA 3D grayscale image (Error analysis)
 3D Color Image LYNX-SPECTRA 3D color image (Error analysis)


SPECTRA_3D_Toplight  LYNX-SPECTRA-3D-screenshot1 SPECTRA_3D_Toplight-Reveal
LYNX-SPECTRA-3D-screenshot4  LYNX-SPECTRA-3D-screenshot3 LYNX-SPECTRA-3D-screenshot2
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