Accessories & Upgrades 

UPS-4 Heater Plates:

PharmaWorks has developed a drop in replacement for existing heater plates.  Our split plate design reduces maintenance costs by allowing individual heater elements to be quickly exchanged rather than the entire plate.


Reject System Retrofits:

Hi-speed reject system with positive reject verification

  • Rejects are positively identified rather than looking for “holes” – reduces liability
  • Eliminates setup time on format changes
  • No scope required!
Seal Pressure Monitoring Upgrade:

Allows seal pressure to be monitored for each cycle. This allows for package rejection and/or machine stop.
  Magazine Feeding Systems
Nitrogen Purge Systems:

Field installations of systems for various machines. Includes purge unit and controls.
 Pressure Nut Recalibration Pressure Nut Recalibration Services
Alumivision Pinhole Detection Systems:
  • Base or Lid Material Pinhole Inspection
  • LCD Multi-Language Capable Operator Interface
  • Configurable for Hole Sizes to 10 Microns
  • Internal Fault Monitoring & Error Messages
  • System Manual & Calibration Documentation
  • Custom Shipping & Carrying Case
  • All Necessary Cables & Mounting Pieces for Installation
  • Full 3-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

 Printing System

 Printing System

 Printing System

Printing Systems:

Pharmaworks can integrate any type of printing system per customer request.

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