Custom Solutions 

Custom Solution Planning

PharmaWorks’ ability to develop engineered solutions is unparalleled in the Pharmaceutical industry.  We take pride in coming up with innovative yet practical solutions keeping all aspects of simplicity, adaptability, maintenance, reliability, accessibility and servicing in mind.  A strong, experienced team of mechanical, electrical, and inspection system experts allows PharmaWorks the ability to confidently provide the solutions to the challenges that customers present.

Pharmaworks creates custom solutions when our customers need them.  Click to review examples and photos.

Custom Pouch Feeder Blister Handling Options
Robotic Blister Card Placement Blister Transfer Systems
Blister Collator Custom Laser Coder
Bulk Product Inspection System Inline Blister Inspection System
Medical Device Feeder CS-40 Card Sealer
Double Tablet Detection Unit Carton Conveying and Inspection System











Previous custom solutions have been developed for the following needs:

  • Blister transfer systems
  • Blister collating systems
  • Laser coding of Lot and Date with print inspection
  • Cartoner conversions
  • Specialized pouch handling systems
  • Robotic blister handling/ robotic feeding of various products
  • Pouch collating systems
  • Custom feeding systems (dry solids)
  • Bulk inspection systems (dry solids)
  • Print inspection systems
  • Medical device feeding
  • Blister card sealing systems
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