Vision Inspection Solutions 

As the exclusive distributor of industry leading scanware inspection systems, Pharmaworks combines their experience with machine design to provide complete, fully integrated inspection system solutions. 

Pharmaworks is proud to be the exclusive distributor of scanware products in the United States and Canada.  We're also proud to be a developer of vision inspection solutions that integrate product handling and vision system requirements.  We access Scanware's advanced technology while fully addressing a diversity of customer situations.  Visit the links below for details and examples.

Learn from one of our customers how Pharmaworks and scanware work together to deliver solutions.


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Pharmaworks IBIS Inline Blister Inspection System IBIS Inline Blister Inspection System (NEW!)
Pharmaworks VIS15 Vibratory Inspection System VIS15 Vibratory Inspection System (NEW!)
LYNX_Spectra_HR_thumb scanware LYNX-SPECTRA HR High Resolution Color Product Inspection System
LYNX-SPECTRA 3D scanware LYNX-SPECTRA 3D Three-Dimensional Product Inspection System
LYNX-SIGNUM scanware LYNX-SIGNUM Full Web Print Inspection System
Automated Inspection Solutions

Other Automated Inspection Solutions

Alumivision Pinhole/Foil Fracture Detection Alumivision Pinhole/Foil Fracture Detection

Pharmaceutical Product Inspection

With more than 500 installations worldwide on virtually every type of blister packaging machine from all major manufacturers, scanware LYNX vision systems have an impeccable global record for trouble-free, fail-safe operation and reliability. The most outstanding features of these advanced, innovative vision systems are their unsurpassed color discrimination capability, utmost reliability and ease of operation.

All scanware products are genuine in-house developments — both the hardware and the software. Therefore, scanware provides a 10-year guarantee for technical support, after-sales service, repairs and spare part deliveries on ALL components.

LYNX vision systems are hard real-time systems, as the applications they are made for are extremely time-critical, not relying on off-the-shelf products that may not always fulfill the demands required by the application.

Key features:

  • Trouble-free Installations:
    - Mounting hardware available for all thermoformers.
    - 1-2 day installation on ANY existing machine.
    - Complete validation documentation available.
  • Precisely adjustable and reproducible White LED light sources allow easier validation.
  • Setup and track results from additional inspection equipment, such as bar code readers, splice and pinhole detectors.
  • Detects tablets, hard and soft gelatin capsules, and medicated strips of any shape, size and color.
  • All types of transparent and opaque plastic and aluminum foils.
  • Detection criteria: correct size, correct shape, correct color (mix-up or correct product in incorrect location), presence, partials, overfilling, foreign product, empty blisters, consecutive errors, and objects outside of pockets or pouches.

For more information about scanware, visit their website.

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