New Thermoformers 

A Decade of Innovation in Pharmaceutical Blister Machines 





 BlisterMate Table Top Thermoformer

Designed and  manufactured in the U.S., the “TF” family of pharmaceutical blister machines represents a decade of innovation to meet the needs of our customers.

Pharmaworks is committed to building exactly what customers want and doing it better than anyone else, with the best service available.

We now manufacture five models in the family of thermoformers.  Pharmaworks features our TF1, TF1e, TF2, and TF3 as part of our fully automated blister machines.  The Pharmaworks BlisterMate is our latest model and is a semi-automatic table top thermoformer.  

 Model Comparison

Model Lanes

Format Size
(Index x Across Width)

Speed Cold Forming
TF1 1 90mm x 130mm 85 CPM Yes
TF1e 1 90mm x 165mm 85 CPM Yes
TF2 2 160mm x 290mm 60 CPM  Yes
TF3 3 220mm x 290mm 60 CPM  Yes
BlisterMate N/A 220mm x 290mm N/A Yes
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