Our Story 

Our founding vision was that world class products can and should be engineered and manufactured in the USA. Pharmaworks began as three engineers who said it could be done. We proceeded methodically, engaging like-minded talent and keeping our focus on customers and quality.

Our pioneering approach to rebuilding was soon forcing other OEMs to play catch up. We gave our customers exactly what they were looking for—more capability, uncompromising quality and a more reasonable cost. We also challenged the industry by delivering an exceptional level of service. As we rebuilt machines by upgrading them in every detail, the breadth of our experience grew. (You can see a list of all the machines we rebuild at our new website, Pharmaworks.com.)

The new thermoformers we design and manufacture are even more innovative and configurable to provide customers the quality and flexibility they want. The TF1, a small footprint thermoformer, delivers unrivaled flexibility and precision to meet today’s quickly changing requirements. The TF1e offers even greater format range in a slightly larger footprint. Our medium footprint TF2X adapts existing tooling from many other machines for unrivaled agility. We’re the exclusive source of scanware, the best vision system available. And customers have embraced not only our new machines, but our custom solutions, for their consistent precision and dependable innovation.

In fall of 2010, we’ll do it again, by introducing the next breakthrough in thermoformer innovation and quality unlike anything seen before. Please stay tuned. For the past decade, we’ve set the pace of innovation for thermoformer manufacturers and rebuilders all over the world. And why shouldn’t we expect this from an American company?

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