IBIS Inline Inspection

The Last Defense, Keep Blisters in Line

Pharmaworks Inline Blister Inspection System

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  • Independent blister inspection for product and printed lid material
  • Process blisters in-line or as a standalone unit with the optionalblister magazine
  • Reject assurance with triple redundancy
  • Modular and compact frame design for different height applications
  • Dedicated reject chutes and verification for product and printinspection
The IBIS, Inline Blister Inspection System, has been developed for final product and print inspection of individual blisters as they exit the thermoformer.  The sealed blisters are inspected for defective, missing, crushed, wrong color, foreign or transposed products while performing detailed product shape inspection using Scanware vision technology.  Pharmaworks IBIS Product Inspection

Serialized print and print registration inspection is performed with independent rejection/segregation. Triple redundant reject verification ensures that only good product is transferred to downstream equipment.  

Pharmaworks IBIS Print Inspection 

Technical Specifications
Voltage 220VAC
Amperage 20 Amps (dependent on configuration)
Line Speed >400 Blister per Minute

IBIS Inline Blister Inspection

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