FT Series Feeder

FT Series Dedicated Tube Feeder

The FT Series Feeder is a tube type dedicated feeder. The FT320 has been designed and engineered to offer improved performance.  This state-of-the-art system offers increased control of product agitation and overall ease of use. The system is completely self contained as opposed to other brands of tube type dedicated feeder, there is no external control cabinet.
  • Superior GMP design
  • Fine agitation control as well as course vibration control
  • Quick and easy adjustment to blister format
  • Improved product escapement system
  • Quick and simple adjustments
  • Used with the Pharmaworks TF1, TF1e, TF2 and TF3 blister machines 
  • The FT Series Feeder can be used with any Brand of Blister Machine

Contact us to see how a FT Series Feeder can fill your feeding application.

FT320 Dedicated Tube Feeder
Suggested Host Machine TF1 Blister Machine
TF1e Blister Machine
TF2 Blister Machine
TF3 Blister Machine
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