FF Flood Feeder Series

    The FF Series of Flood Feeders fill industry standard flood feeding applications.  Two models create the Pharmaworks FF Series.  The FF1 Flood Feeder is used for smaller filling applications while the FF4 is used for larger feeding applications.  The FF Series systems utilize planetary stirring  and brush assemblies.  Both assemblies are provided with independent speed control and independent height positioning. 

  • Planetary stirring assemblies with independent speed and height settings
  • Brushes with independent speed and height settings
  • Includes one set of FDA approved paddles and brushes
  • Perforated vacuum plate for dust removal
  • Proximity sensor with height adjustment for feed level control
  • Mounted on portable cart for quick removal from machine; Docks to machine for precise alignment and stability
  • Lift system to quickly lift feeder from track for cleaning or maintenance
  • Bulk vibratory unit can be integrated with the flood feeder system or remain independent.
*FF1 Flood Feeder Shown Contact us to see how a FF Series Feeder can fill your feeding application.
FF1 Flood Feeder
# of Stirring Assemblies 2
# of Brush Assemblies 2
Suggested for TF1 Blister Machine
TF1e Blister Machine


FF4 Flood Feeder
# of Stirring Assemblies 3
# of Brush Assemblies 3
Suggested for TF2 Blister Machine
TF3 Blister Machine
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