TF1e/TC1 Line (New!)

The All-In-One Solution

The TF1e blister machine combined with the TC1 cartoner provides packagers with a turnkey solution for quick change, medium output blister production directly transferred into cartons. The entire integrated line uses one common control system. The transfer of blisters from the die punch to the cartoner flights requires no change parts and utilizes a robotic pick and place. Additionally, the blister count into the cartoner flights can be varied from the HMI. Being a totally integrated blister line, the foot print is small.

TF1e Standard Features
  • No line shaft since stations are servo driven.
  • Servo indexing with integrated print registration.
  • Dynamic seal pressure adjustment allows station stroke and pressure to be adjusted while the machine is running.
  • Preheat Station features contact heating of base material.
  • The feed area is modular allowing multiple accessories and different to be mounted.
  • Auto-lift seal station.
  • Single blister reject.(Assumes single blister format)
  • Machine mounted waste shredder station
TF1e Optional Features
  • Selective forming provides control of forming individual cavities.
  • Slitter Station
  • Product inspection from Scanware including black and white, color or 3D inspection systems.
  • Print verification from Scanware.
  • Multiple feeder options from manual feed trays to flood feeders to dedicated feeders.
  • Base and lid material low level monitoring.
  • Integration of various printer systems.
TC1 Standard Features
  • Balcony Design.
  • Compact Footprint.
  • Ergonomic Design = 18" maximum reach.
  • Outboard Belt Drives - low noise, longer life.
  • Orbital carton erector.
  • Positive carton pre-break feature.
  • Changeover in less than 10 minutes.
  • Easy to access low maintenance design.
  • User friendly setup and design.
  • Tuck or glue carton closing.
  • Fall through construction meeting sanitary and FDA requirements.
TC1 Optional Features
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Serialization.
  • Lot and Date verification vision systems.
  • Laser Coders.
  • Barcode Scanners.
  • Leaflet Feeders.
TF1e / TC1 Line Specifications
Blister Format 90mm x 170mm
Minimum Carton Size 19mm x 12mm x 85mm
Maximum Carton Size 101mm x 76mm x 177mm
Pitch 6"
Total Line Length 25' Approx
System Speed 100 blister / 80 cartons per minute

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