TF1e Inspection Systems 

  scanware LYNX-SPECTRA HR:
  High Resolution Color Blister Inspection System for TF1e


Since it was launched by scanware in 2002, LYNX-SPECTRA has been setting standards in pharmaceutical quality control. With over 1000 inspections per minute our image processing system is well equipped to meet the requirements of the future. This guaranteed compatibility will enable us to keep pace with technical developments for at least 15 years and still remain data compatible. The unlimited potential for upgrades means that the system can be connected to the most up-to-date camera technology, when required by the application, and there will be scope for the inclusion of future technologies.


LYNX-SPECTRA HR is the proven high resolution, color product inspection system that sets the standard of excellence in its class:

  • 30 years of blister inspection experience
  • Proprietery hardware and software development
  • 10 year support guarantee
  • Absolute Reliability
  • User Friendly
  • 21CFR Part 11 standard
Lynx_Spectra_Deviation Lynx_Spectra_Active Lynx_Spectra_Statistic

LYNX-SPECTRA HR can be used to inspect:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Ampoules
  • Syringes
  • Vials
  • Medical strips
  • and much more



scanware LYNX-SIGNUM:
Print Inspection System


LYNX-SIGNUM HR sets the standard in the inspection of printed images with OCV control of
280 characters in only 65 milliseconds. By scanning the entire web, 100% secure inspection
of batch numbers and expiry date is achievable even with foil widths of 340 millimeters.

LYNX-SIGNUM HR supports inspection of:

  • Lot code and expiry date
  • Logos, pictograms or symbols
  • ll common 1D and 2D Codes including Pharmacode, Datamatrix, RSS
  • OCV/OCR: Preprint and overprint
  • On labels, lidding foil, blister packs, cartons, tubes


LYNX-SIGNUM Code Inspection

Print Code Inspection

Multi-camera system

With 4096 pixels per line, printed image inspections of entire webs of 340 x 160 millimeters can be achieved effortlessly.



Color Blister Inspection System

Inspects sealed blisters directly on thermoformer through translucent materials (PVC, PVDC, Aclar, etc).

Post Seal Inspection System


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